A journey through local music scenes in the American heartland as heard from a bicycle.

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Week 1 Webisode - Bel Air, MD

Week 1 Webisode - Bel Air, MD

Sun, Sep 5, 2010
Bel Air, Maryland
80 degrees, Sunny.



I was hit by a car this morning in Newark, Delaware on our way down from Trenton. I was pulling out of a parking lot near some strip malls and a dude just plowed into me. After stopping for about ten seconds to see if I was okay, he drove off. I guess it was technically my fault, but still. People have no manners today. 

 Here's a still of the gore:


Screen shot 2010-09-05 at 9.33.28 PM


Anyway, my wheel was done-zo, so we took an hour to get that fixed and we were back on the road, fifty miles into Maryland, on the outskirts of Baltimore, in a town called Bel Air.  Will Smith references aside, we had an unexpected encounter in the 'burbs. Turns out that the guy whose house we were couchsurfing at has a band - a great band. We weren't expecting to find anything in Bel Air except a place to sleep, but instead we found our band of the week, House and Home. They're a new band, without a website or recordings (outside of the footage we just shot). We're excited to introduce you to them.

- Dan


Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 1.25.12 AM


Distance Biked: 52 miles

Distance Biked to Date: 209 miles



don't worry, I won't tell a

don't worry, I won't tell a certain P-ton grad ('72) about your theory on the intelligence-commonsense correlation... frankly, I agree whole heartily! lol! I'm loving this, guys!! Keep pedalling!!!

It was great to meet you guys

It was great to meet you guys in belair! I hope you are having a safe trip . I saw you guys riding through Laurel Md 2 days after the house and home vid. I wanted to say hi, but i figured you all were in a zone.